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Lighting the Way Campaign

Yes, we know Halloween has not passed yet, but we have to say it… Winter is coming! And with the

Breaking the Labels

We must be careful when discussing mental health. There is real potential for emotional self-harm to ourselves through negative self-talk.


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Today on International Volunteer Day, we would like to say THANK YOU to all our amazing volunteers who help us each day to show love and compassion to our guests! Whether you help with prepping and serving meals, admin, distributing clothing, programming support, your help makes a difference! #internationalvolunteerday
On International Day for Persons with Disabilities, @st.felixcentre reaffirms its commitment to create an inclusive environment and offer an accessible space for people with all kinds of abilities, providing our guest with the support they need to improve their lives. #IDPWD2018
GODDAIS' STORY (one of our wonderful guests).
"In this now moment, as I sit here in the St. Felix office, frantically searching for and subsequently grasping the memories of the devastating layers of the truths that curated my present disposition, I am in complete awe that I am actually, literally, definitively homeless; “beautiful”, “blessed”, “brilliant”, “educated”, “talented”, “Divinely Guided” me.
Several weeks ago I was displaced from my “home” due to a domestic situation with my mother rendering me homeless on the streets of downtown Toronto – streets that I survived on my own as a Black-Intersex-Immigrant-Female-Spiritualist for a week before meeting a gentle, kind soul named Victor at Queen and Spadina. Victor guided me to St. Felix (I had no knowledge of any services as I have never been, nor have I ever researched homelessness before becoming homeless myself).
For the first five days of my homeless journey, I walked from the Waterfront to Yorkville and back daily with stops at Dundas Square, City Hall and Kensington Market among other basic, yet familiar locals as I navigated my new found “freedom” from a toxic environment that breathed perpetual racism, bigotry, discrimination, ignorance and the general stagnation of my soul’s evolution, but nothing in this life is ever truly free. This profound liberation came at the literal expense of every comfort I had ever known, as both my formal and life education unfortunately did not teach me how to bathe in Mcdonalds/park sinks; prevent/heal/control immobilizing blisters; how to make a bed out of life jackets in the rain, or nothing at all..."
Keep reading Goddais' powerful testimonial on our blog:
She is an amazing human being!
St. Felix Centre is a welcoming and respectful environment INCLUSIVE of all genders, religions, cultures and abilities.
Everyone deserves to feel valuable, welcome, accepted and loved. Today is #GivingTuesdayCa - a great day to show compassion and love to some of the most vulnerable members of Toronto's community! Donate today and join us in transforming lives 🙏🏻 Just follow the link in our Bio 😉
St. Felix Centre supports people experiencing complex challenges, such as homelessness, mental illness, addiction, malnutrition and precarious housing. Our Centre also offers transitional housing for women. We make sure that the pets of our guests are safe and stay healthy. Their pets are an important part of our community too!  Follow us here on Instagram, visit our website to find out more about our Centre and, if you can, please make a donation.  We love you, Toronto!
Wagging tails all over St. Felix Centre!  The free rabies clinic and pet food pantry event organized by @vca_canada and @st.felixcentre was a total success!  Many four-legged companions received the support they needed to stay healthy and happy.  We would like to thank the amazing team from VCA Canada who helped us to make this possible. We look forward to continue working together to create new opportunities for people experiencing economic difficulties and/or homelessness to access support for the care of their pets.
Toronto is a busy city.  People's daily lives are full of different activities: from commuting to work, to taking advantage of the many options available to entertain themselves.  For Torontonians, their TIME and the way they invest it is very important... At St. Felix Centre we are aware of all that, and that is precisely the reason why we consider the time that our volunteers give us each day, INVALUABLE.  This awesome group of volunteers from @pagerduty Toronto helped us last night to prep dinner for our guests. THANK YOU guys! You are now part of our Heroes Without Capes!
#MakeADifference #LetsDoItTogether
Follow us here, on Instagram! That's another and easy way to support @st.felixcentre.
Our volunteers' smiles, compassion and positive energy are the key ingredients in every single one of the more than 9,000 meals we serve each month.  This awesome group from RBC Toronto were here, prepping and serving meals for our guests.  Thank you so much to all of you for your support and eagerness to make a difference! @rbc
If you would like to know more about the businesses and corporate groups volunteer opportunities, please send us an email to volunteer@stfelixcentre.com.
#makeadifference #LetsDoItTogether!
We love these photos of Alex and Koda, two of our guests. 😍  We recognize the powerful connection that people who are experiencing homelessness have with their pets.  Many times they are the only motivation they have to live and keep trying to overcome the challenges they are currently facing.  They are their family!  Did you know that St Felix Centre has a long history of being 100% pet friendly? 🐶  That is way we want to make sure these amazing four-legged companions are safe and stay out of the cold. ☃️ If you would like to know more about our P.A.W.S. program (Pets: Accommodating Wishes and Support) visit our website or get in touch with us 🐕
Thank you so much @natashankpr for inviting us to present @st.felixcentre to your guests at the Spring / Summer 2019 Preview at NKPR.  This is a great opportunity to introduce people to some of the challenges our guests are experiencing and to let them know about the different ways they can support them.  Spreading #kindness can make all the difference in the world.  Thank you, Natasha! #NKPRSS19
#MakeADifference #LetsDoItTogether
Follow us here on Instagram!  That's a great way to support our Centre!

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