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Lighting the Way Campaign

Yes, we know Halloween has not passed yet, but we have to say it… Winter is coming! And with the winter, our second Christmas fundraising campaign, ‘Lighting the Way” is also fast

Breaking the Labels

We must be careful when discussing mental health. There is real potential for emotional self-harm to ourselves through negative self-talk.


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We love these photos of Alex and Koda, two of our guests. 😍  We recognize the powerful connection that people who are experiencing homelessness have with their pets.  Many times they are the only motivation they have to live and keep trying to overcome the challenges they are currently facing.  They are their family!  Did you know that St Felix Centre has a long history of being 100% pet friendly? 🐶  That is way we want to make sure these amazing four-legged companions are safe and stay out of the cold. ☃️ If you would like to know more about our P.A.W.S. program (Pets: Accommodating Wishes and Support) visit our website or get in touch with us 🐕
Thank you so much @natashankpr for inviting us to present @st.felixcentre to your guests at the Spring / Summer 2019 Preview at NKPR.  This is a great opportunity to introduce people to some of the challenges our guests are experiencing and to let them know about the different ways they can support them.  Spreading #kindness can make all the difference in the world.  Thank you, Natasha! #NKPRSS19
#MakeADifference #LetsDoItTogether
Follow us here on Instagram!  That's a great way to support our Centre!
We join all Canadians in remembering those who sacrificed their lives for our freedom, in thanking our current and past armed forces for their service, and pledging to continue supporting our veterans who are currently facing homelessness and mental illness... Lest we forget - We will remember them.
We have recently unveiled a Memorial Quilt at the Centre. The quilt was made with the goal of remembering guests who were part of our community and have passed away, as well as to honour individuals – staff, supporters, and volunteers – who have made a positive impact in the life of the Centre and are not with us anymore.
The Memorial Quilt is a small way to express how thankful we are to them for letting us into their lives.
To our friends and supporters: Thank you for having helped us to make a difference!
To our guests: Thank you for letting us share our love with you and allowing us to be part of your journey.
St. Felix Centre is a diverse community that welcomes everyone. Today we joined our guests and staff who are celebrating Diwali!  Also known as The Festival of Lights, Diwali celebrates the triumph of good over evil.  Among other things, people light lamps or diyas during the five days celebration - The light symbolize knowledge or one's inner light, which brings out inner peace and fights off any traces of darkness and ignorance.  As part of the celebration, our staff decorated our dining area and prepared delicious and colourful desserts for our guests, wishing for all of them a renewed and bright light in their lives.  What a wonderful and meaningful celebration!
We would like to thank @wework Toronto at Richmond Street West for inviting us to conduct a brief presentation for their members about our Centre, as well as the opportunities available for them to give back to the community through our programs. We had a great time! Thank you guys!... By the way, don't you think Cash looks adorable! 🐶
#MakeADifference #LetsDoItTogether
"If you can't feed a hundred people, then feed just one" ~ Mother Teresa.  Our Community Meals program serves more than 9,000 meals per month.  Everyone deserves to have a healthy, hearty meal on their table.
The cold season is upon us! And with the frigid winds more furry guests and their human families look for our support to stay warm and safe. We are running out of pet food and other items - such as leashes, warm clothing and small beds - that are important to keep these four-legged companions happy and healthy.  Did you know that our Centre has a long tradition of welcoming pets of all kinds and sizes? 🐕🐈 Please consider donating some pet food or other items for our guests.  We really need your generous support!  We guarantee many waving tales from our furry guests to say THANK YOU! 🐶
🎶 Music is a wonderful channel to help people to connecting with each other, ease the mind, and transform hearts. When a song is playing, the sound travels freely, moving beyond obstacles, proving that if we listen to each other all walls and barriers can be overcome. 🎶
We have started to hold a ‘Drop-in Jam Session’ for our guests. The first session was led through a collaborative effort by guests and student volunteers, who together shared their passion for musical expression. With little more than chairs formed into a small circle and the desire of finding new opportunities to create a special moment and place to build meaningful relationships, music time was born. 🎸
Our small band consisted of approximately 4 core musicians with instruments in hand, while guests gradually began approaching the jam circle for the show – we were able to share the instruments with a several other guests who took interest in the program as it took flight.
With this first jam being a great success, we hope to get some instrument donations from those musical souls living in our our beautiful city. We would love to get bongos, guitars and a keyboard. 🥁 If you are interested in supporting our ‘Drop-in Jam Session’, please contact us by DMs or send an email to communications@stfelixcentre.com.

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